The Stunning Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Building

Sofitel Sentosa
is well-known as a lodging destination when visiting Singapore. That is partly due to the unique and luxurious design of the building. The following is a full review of the resort building.

Location and Neighborhood of Sofitel Sentosa Singapore

The neighborhood of this resort is easily accessible either by public transportation or private four-wheeled vehicle. From the resort, you can go directly to tourist attractions which are pretty close. This resort also avoids pollution caused by outside disturbances. Like noise, unpleasant odors, dust, smoke, insects, and rodents.

Supporting Facilities

This resort has some spots of garden, both inside and outside the building. In addition, the resort also has a large car park for guests. Inside the building, you can access the Wifi for free. 

WiFi in the public area is very helpful if you plan to work online or attend a virtual meeting while having a holiday. This hotel always provides this facility, so you can make sure that your job will be done well. You can also attend a virtual meeting, even if you are on a trip.

Meets Licensing Requirements Based on Applicable Laws

Resort rooms must pay attention to the flow of guests, employees, goods, and production. Special decoration elements must be reflected in the lobby, restaurant, bedroom, function room, to resort rooms.

Based on the standard, the minimum resort has 100 standard rooms. Each room has to cover a minimum area of ​​26 m² per room. Have a minimum of 4 suites with a minimum area of ​​52 m² per room. The minimum wall height is 2.6 m for each floor. There is also a room temperature controller. The things above are already in each room of this resort.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

At least in an inn, there is one facility with a choice of tennis, fitness, jogging, discotheque, bowling, golf, sauna, billiards, and a playground for children. At this resort, there is an adult swimming pool with complete swimming facilities.

Supporting Utilities

The resort already has mechanical vertical transportation. The availability of clean water meets 700 liters per person every day. This place already has hot or cold water installations, local and long-distance telephone services, PABX, TV, Wi-Fi, and car calls are available.

The Building of Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Restaurant

The main dining room at this resort serves both local and international food. There is a coffee shop, a restaurant that offers breakfast with a simple menu and type of service. Usually, this service is called ready on a plate. In addition, there is also room service that provides food and drinks to resort guests who do not want to leave the room.

Guest orders will be delivered directly to the room. There is also take away service to increase revenue from the sale of resort kitchen products. So, that was the review of the building and the advantages of the Sofitel Sentosa Singapore resort. No wonder this resort is the best place as a destination for tourists who are on vacation.

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