Crown Hotel Changi Airport, one of the Best Hotels in Singapore

 The best hotels in Singapore are not only a place for a vacation, but you can also use them as a place to stop while the transit time is still long. If you are the type of traveler who takes advantage of a short time during transit, there is no need to worry because Crown Hotel Changi Airport can provide the best services, which are as follows.

Many Choices of Lounges and Rest Areas

Not only are exclusive lounge options available for airlines, but there is also a rest area that does not charge a fee. From this facility alone, you can see that a staycation at Changi Airport Hotel is pleasant because the available places are guaranteed to make visitors feel comfortable.

Well, it's even better if you experience hotel services directly because there are more than 900 classy choices. So, there is no need to queue at immigration because the hotel is still inside the airport. After using your room, you can continue your journey with enthusiasm, without feeling tired.

Attractive Hotel Feel

The outside of the hotel building can be considered iconic. It is because the facade has some ornaments that implement orchids. This element is marvelous when you enter the hotel room, even to decorate the bathroom walls.

The nuance that you can feel in the lobby is dim but still comfortable. The atmosphere remains consistent and feels up to the second floor. Don't think the dark atmosphere only comes from the small number of lights, even the selection of materials and interiors tends to be dark.

Rooms that are usually wide and elongated, this time will provide a different experience. The bathroom has complete facilities with a bathtub and shower and has a glass door that can be covered by a blind screen.

Open corridor design with a natural and beautiful atmosphere. You can choose a club room type room so you can feel the club lounge and not just look at it from the swimming pool.

Cool Swimming Pool and Restaurant

The hotel swimming pool is perfect if it is a facility for children because it is complete with beautiful plant tubs. When you look to the west in the afternoon, you will see a beautiful and soothing sunset.

The restaurant is located on the second floor with limited choices, but still filling and delicious. The availability of food is certainly not an obstacle for visitors because Changi Airport is open 24 hours non-stop, so many restaurants and minimarkets are open in the basement.

How to get to Crown Hotel Changi Airport

You can consider this place to stay from hotel promotion Singapore as the most affordable place. Why? Of course, because it is attached to Changi Airport. Crown Plaza Hotel is located on the third floor, so once you exit the gate, then turn left and continue on the straight route until you see the entrance.

Don't worry when you land in another terminal. One of Singapore's few best hotels in Singapore options, it remains affordable. You just take Skytrain and get off at terminal three. The best choice from hotel promotion Singapore has made it easier for you to launch vacation planning, even during transit at the airport.

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